We are VJ Guilfoil & Jean Marie Guilfoill - students of truth & beauty.We employ our supernatural intelligence to guide our lives.This is when the mind is utilised in conjunction with one’s inner feelings and inner guidance, the godforce.When you utilise your natural critical, logical and intuitive abilities to bring forth a true understanding of reality - you are engaging with supernatural intelligence.Supernatural is really still just “natural”, nature - what is true, what is available to the human being who seeks, but at a higher octave.You do not need a proxy, a middleman, an outside source or AI to be a creative human with supernatural intelligence.Its already inside you.Trust your inner muse, follow your bliss and allow your own imagination to inspire and guide you.Become a supernatural human and remember your power.You are sovereign, you are the universe.You are supernatural.Enjoy our musings & music and feel free to message us! MH. x